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Inter-library Loan  Saturday 22 April 2017
Genealogy is largely the process of answering two questions: 
1. What do I want to know?     AND      2. Where can I find the answer?

A few months ago, I was helping a client find a deceased person's next of kin. Having exhausted other options, we worked on finding obituaries. The newspapers and obituaries we wanted were not online! So, I contacted the local library where the person died (Hemet, California). The librarian there pointed me to the California State Library at Sacramento. A few good old fashioned phone calls and very helpful library staff told me which local newspapers existed and were available on microfilm.

To sum it up:
1. I was looking for next of kin.
2. The obituary I wanted was not available online on sites like, or
3. I made some phone calls.
4. I talked to the California State Library at Sacramento.
5. They told me which newspapers they had for Riverside and Hemet, California.
6. I contacted my local library.
7. My local library requested the newspapers and dates I wanted.
8. After a few weeks, the newspapers I wanted arrived in the form of microfilm.
9. I searched the newspapers page by page using a microfilm reader.
10. I found obituaries and death notices that helped answer our question!
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