Bryce's Czech Heritage

Below, you will see my connection to Marie Voráčkova and her father Antonín František Voráček, my great grandmother and great-great grandfather respectively.  They were both born in Bohemia.  Please enjoy the photos linked to each of their names.


Bryce, b. 1979, son of 

LeeAnn, b. 1954, daughter of

Joan, b. 1933, daughter of

Marie, b. 1908, at Cvrčovice, Slany, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; daughter of Antonín František Voráček, b. 1884, at Kačice, Slany, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, son of

Václav Voráček.

Click here to see Bryce's Compiled Lineage of Antonín František Voráček, his wives and children, and his ancestors.  Information in lineage is the result Bryce's collaboration with family members, Bryce's personal research at the Statni Oblastni Archiv in Prague, and research performed by Ivana Skalova at SOA Prague