Research Report

Dear Mrs. Rogers,

It has been a pleasure researching your Voracek ancestors.  I am pleased to report that we were able to break new ground on many of your Czech ancestral lines.  As you recall, we began your ancestral quest in 2005.  You provided us with the names of your maternal grandparents, and names and birth information for your maternal grandmother’s parents.  Our first objective was to verify the birth information of these, your great-grandparents, in Bohemia.  In 2005 while at the Statni Oblastni Archive in Prague, I was pleased to confirm the births of Antonin Frantisek Voracek and his wife Marie Kovarikova in Kacice and Brandysek respectively.  

Your family tradition held that your great grandma Voracek’s first name was Vlasta, but research in original records bore out that your grandmother was born to Marie Kovarikova at Cvrcovice 52, Slany, Bohemia on 10 June 1908.#  Your great grandparents married in May 1909, and they, with your great uncle Anton “Tony,” emigrated from Bohemia to Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the steamship “Neckar” in the summer of 1913.#  Your grandmother was five years old.  

The confirmation of Anton and Marie’s birth information and your grandmother Marie’s birth information opened a new odyssey of research.  In this period, we searched for information on Antonin Frantisek Voracek’s maternal ancestors.

A well-written report, stating each step taken to find and document the ancestry, and why it was taken. The report should also include recommended searches for future research and discuss the probability of success of such searches.